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Welcome to, offering original stock photos by Nate Young. All photographs displayed on this site may be purchased as stock photography or ordered as prints.

This page is a general guide to licensing. For specific licenses follow the links on each image page.

Royalty-Free Licensing

Royalty-Free licensing, commonly denoted as RF, allows multiple uses per license. A RF image may be used in multiple ways without paying an additional fee.

Each RF license will vary but with RF images found on this site you may not distribute the image, license it or resell it in any manner. You may license a RF image for use by a single client but must then purchase a new license for use by other clients.

The drawback to RF licensing is that the image is less exclusive and often RF images are not the best a photographer has to offer.

Rights Managed Licensing

Rights-Managed, or RM licensing offers a level of exclusivety not found in RF. Almost any level of exclusivety may be purchased with a RM image depending on the current pending licenses.

RM images are a usually more expensive than RF but may be worthwhile for more discriminating image buyers.

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Terms of Use
Read this for more information on how you may use the images found here.

Image Licensing
Royalty-Free; Rights Managed; what does all this mean? How you may license them for use on your web site or publication.